New Brodgar
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Welcome to New Brodgar

Do you want to build your own property, have your own items, but still play with a great set of players?

  • Join an established group of core players.
  • Build your own housing, maintain your own property, there’s no requirement to donate to the larger group.
  • Join our fighting force as a volunteer, or opt not to, the decision is ultimately yours.
  • Trade with other members, or cooperate without the expectation of profit, there is no limitation or expectation.
  • Spend time doing what you think is fun, not what some disgruntled guild leader tells you to do.
  • Open Recruitment! Your friends and family are all welcome, no application process, just don’t be toxic and/or harm other members of the community or their interests. (Leadership retains the right to deny admittance at their discretion, but as a general policy, all are allowed).

For more information join us on our discord.

Join Now

New Brodgar accepts any new settler, they simply need to sign our census. Official access to territory and other benefits will be provided as soon as you meet a census officer within the game. Click here.

Visit our Forum

Find plenty of information or ask questions on our forum. Click here for access.

Learn more about us

Learn about moving to New Brodgar, our military, our outlaw’s guild, our governance, and what life is like in New Brodgar. Click here for more information.